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north cyprus

Ercan Airport - North Cyprus

Travel to North Cyprus

Whatever type of holiday you desire, there are easy travel options to North Cyprus.  For stays less than ninety days there are no visa requirements although passports must be valid for a minimum of six months.  Please, always check for the latest rules and restrictions when you are planning your travelling.  It is also advisable for those nationals from other countries to inquire at the Turkish Embassy...

Kyrenia Castle - North Cyprus

North Cyprus Holidays

Due to its high standards and low prices, it is little wonder that the hidden gem of North Cyprus is gaining popularity as a holiday location amongst discerning Brits. Whatever type of holiday you want there is plenty of choice for those seeking package holidays and independent travellers.  North Cyprus is divided into six different regions, all different and each having its own flavour and...

Golden Beach - North Cyprus Property

North Cyprus

A general Introduction to North Cyprus Why Buy in North Cyprus The cost of living is low in North Cyprus; property is considerably cheaper than in comparable locations and mainly managed in GBP.  The Mediterranean weather is glorious and the beaches uncrowded and superb.  Local people are friendly and welcoming, and there is a diverse landscape to...

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